Tire Management

We do not only provide products that are goods, but also provide service products. This is to meet customer needs in replacing tires on the unit

The tire needs in the next 1 - 2 months, the forecast calculation is based on 3 parameters of Lifetime Tire, Tread Requirements & Tire Damage; Stock Management regulates tire availability, New Tire, Spare Tire & Tire Repair based on the number of population units.
Record tires, from the historical installation, release and until the tire is declared scrap
Achievement of the lifetime tire both running and scrap tires.
Analysis of Lifetime tire data & types of tire damage, to the root cause.
The report here explains in detail the site condition, tire damage caused by operations, tire specification information, TKPH calculations, how to use the correct tire and make recommendations from the results of the visit so that the tire lifetime can be achieved.
Tire awareness training is provided so that the customer / operator is aware of the tires being used.